Your employer should give you health benefits. Human bodies require care, and the reality–whether we like it or not–is that most people rely on their employer to provide health care coverage. Without that support, few Americans would be able to receive the care they need in order to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

There is a variety of reasons your employer should already be giving you health benefits, and those reasons vary from legal to ethical to practical requirements. Here are just a handful of explanations of why your employers owes you health benefits.

It’s the Law.

If you’re working a certain numbers of hours per week–the number can vary depending business size, state law, and employment status–your employer needs to provide health benefits to you. It’s the law. If you are not getting the benefits you are owed, you need to speak with an attorney, your union representative, or someone with your state government’s insurance compliance division. Your employer could be breaking the law by not giving you benefits.

You’re Doing Risky Work. For Them.

Work is risky. Regardless of whether or not the law requires your employer to provide health benefits, your boss has an ethical obligation to provide care for the workers who allow them to sit in that comfy office and attend meetings all day.

No work is risk-free. Workers who spend their days in especially dangerous jobs, such as agriculture or construction, are putting their necks on the line in order to make money for their companies. The companies owe them a safety net in return.

You’re Going to Need Health Benefits.

Everyone needs medical care at some point. And with health costs skyrocketing across the globe, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be in a position to pay for these costs out of pocket. Health benefits are basic necessity for life in modern society.

You’ll Work Harder Knowing Your Employer is Looking Out For You.

Health benefits don’t just help the workers who receive them. Benefits help the employer, too. Healthy workers, who can afford to go to the doctor, eat well, and take care of themselves, are more productive than sick or injured workers. When an employee understands that their boss is looking out for them, that worker will have more incentive to care about their work.

Good Health Benefits Plans Can Discourage Sick Days.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Many benefits plans allow for workers to use built-up sick time for other health-related spending, like gym memberships. Again, healthy employee work harder than sick employees, and an worker who with incentive to save up sick time won’t fake an illness just to use up a benefit.

Health Care Benefits are Crucial to the Modern Workplace.

Modern society has placed the burden of health care onto employers. Whether or not you like it, it’s reality. Health benefits have become as essential as wages in the current company/worker relationship. Companies that ignore this component put both workers and themselves at risk. A productive workplace is made up healthy workers.